• Tourism in peace time

    An authentic Colombia

  • What We Do

    Nouvelle Colombie is a french non-profit organization regulated under the law 1901 that carries the project "Tourism in Peace Time".


    Its goal is to allow the rehabilitation of young Colombians between 15 and 30 years old.

    Who's concerned ?

    Tourism actors

    Local community

    All the people who want to participate in the project

    Why ?

    To realize this innovative and unique project thanks to your donations

    We need 150 000€ to make it happen

    How ?

    Every contribution will allow the professional rehabilitation of young Colombians

    Your donations will permit the opening of the touristic training center and start to form our 15 students.

  • 2 steps

    STEP 1 (2018)

    Rehabilitation through learning : creation of the touristic training center

    Where ? Santa Marta, Colombia


    The program in 7 months and a half

    • First part : education and touristic values - projects for the community
    • Second part : theoretical and practical touristic training - professional specialization
    • Third part : individual support for professional rehabilitation


    At the same time as this training : english and french classes


    Training program

    2018 program (in french)

    STEP 2 (2019)

    Rehabilitation through economical activity : creation of a receptive agency

    Where ? Santa Marta, Colombia

    Recruitment of our best students


    The goal ? A new touristic offer


    • Immersion in touristic zones previously unknown to the public
    • Increase the value of the culture and history of the local community
    • Each actor of the project will contribute to the development of the region
  • For Who ?

    Young Colombians from 15 to 30 years old (indigenous, women victims of violence, displaced people...)


    Local community, tourists looking for experiences

    The touristic training center

    • To insure a practical training for touristic jobs
    • To accentuate language classes
    • To work on personal development and psychological support
    • To contribute to social and professional rehabilitation
    • To act for national reconciliation

    The receptive agency

    Discover amazing areas inaccessible so far


    The tourist will live a new experience. He will become an actor of sustainable development. He will meet the local community and immerse itself in the traditional cultures.

  • The Crew

    One for all, all for one !

    Luis-Alejandro Davila

    CEO 🇨🇴

    Iris Lucidarme

    In charge of the turistic and commercial development 🇫🇷

    Marion Passier

    In charge of the turistic and commercial development 🇫🇷

    Sophie Lhommet

    French teacher and creator of the language program

    Laure Peterolff

    Community Manager and funds search

    Line Mercier

    Funds search and communication



    Christophe C. CHARLES ALFRED

    Doctor in French and Congolese law

    Expert in transitional justice

    Oswaldo HENRIQUEZ

    The ambassador of this project 🇨🇴

    Degree in business administration

    Professional Football Player

  • The context

    Discover through this video the socio-historical context of Colombia and the future that awaits . After the signing of the peace, Colombia opens its doors to explore its tourism potential.

    Discover the project by this video

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